- It will be taken for base on time of carrying out the judgement the Song Code of the Discontinuous Spanish Song Canary . As it is logical, it will not apply itself to his whole, since there are aspects that are physically impossible to apply on a recording. For this reason, and to avoid comparisons with real judgements, the final punctuations of every recording will oscillate between 0 and 10 points, being 10 the maximum punctuation.

- The participant should clearly understand that you will not judge the worth of a bird, but judge what is heard on the recording.

- The songs of the birds that are listened to in the recordings must be of birds borne in 2012.

- The participation is totally free.

- It will be published, in this web, a listing with the birds inscribed in this competition.


The deadline for the reception of audios or videos it starts the 1st of November 2012 and finishes off the 31st of December 2012. The date of the publication of the final results it will be the 6th of January 2013.


They will distribute prizes for the three best audios according to the admistración of this web. Of the three winners, will have preference to choose prize the first classified one, afterwards the second and finally the third party. The prizes to distribute are:

- A mobile telephone Nokia N95.
- A card Motiva of fuel of 30 € to change in any estacion of service of the chain H24
- A card Motiva of fuel of 30 € to change in any estacion of service of the chain H24


- Audio or video will be send to concurso@cced.es, the shipment means that the participant authorizes to publish the audio or video in this web.
- It must have a name that does not identify the breeder or participant in the competition.
- The recording that is sent must be a property of the participant, or have the authorization of the owner of the present bird in the audio or video, so that this recording can take part in this competition.
- The identity of the participant breeders will be known later to the judgement of all the audios or videos.
- To avoid the jury know the identity of the owner of every recording, the name of the file of audio or video must be a nick or pseudonym (example: Caruso, Bib, Yahoo...)
- The recording will be continued, without cuts, without manipulations, without finishing touches, that is, in brute, up to one maximum of 10 minutes.
- A maximum of 10 minutes will be judged by every recording. When the sent recording exceeds 10 minutes, the participant must specify, in the mail itself when it sends the recording, so 10 minutes, as maximum, he wants to take part. (example: between minute 2:43 and 12:43) If none is specified will be judged the 10 first minutes of the recording.
- No sets a minimum duration of recording, therefore, is to interpretation of the jury if the specimen has sung enough to issue an assessment.
- In the recording, the song of a single bird must only sound. The recordings will not be admitted where it sounds more than one bird.


- In the event of draw in the final punctuation, the bird that is registered in the Pedigri Registration of the CCED wil be winner in front of which it is not registered.
- Still a tie after applying the previous point, the rules of the tiebreaker of Code of Song of Discontinuous Spanish Song Canary.


- Any type of manipulation total or partial of recording, for slight that it is.
- That the bird of the recording not there is borne in 2012.
- That the recording is of that is so bad sound quality that the song of the recording cannot be listened correctly.
- Any other situation in which the administration of this web understands that competitor do not act with good intention.
- Failure to comply with the rules, in section of disqualification, of the Code of Song of Discontinuous Spanish Song Canary.




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